Citation CJ1+ 525 For Sale

Citation CJ1+ For Sale. This aircraft provides remarkable flexibility. Its runway performance lets you get in and out of airports as short as 3,280 feet at maximum takeoff weight. In addition, its trailing-link gear ensures cat-soft landings on even the roughest of runways. The CJ1+'s interior was created by the same team that designed the midsize Citation interiors. The clean lines, rich materials, recessed aisle, and extra headroom and elbowroom rivals aircraft costing many times more. If you are looking to buy a Citation CJ1+ then is is a perfect example. 



Business executives regard private aircraft charter as a flexible alternative to the stress of flying with scheduled airlines.

Citation CJ1+ 525 For Sale

Citation CJ1+ For Sale

Please enquire for price and specifications sheet. 

Year: 2008

Hours: 2700 

Cycles: 2623 



Privately Operated Aircraft

Fully Commercial Opps Ready

Always Hangered

2700 TT Hours

TAP Elite Advantage, FADEC, Collins Proline 21

On All Programs




Overall beige & brown,
Centre-club cabin configuration w/4 pedestal seats,
Side facing seat, 
Lavatory w/belted flushing toilet, 
Williamsburg gloss laminate cabinetry, 
Brushed aluminium hardware, 
Small forward refreshment centre, 
Storage drawer in forward seat,
Executive tables, 
110 VAC outlets, 
Indirect lighting, 
Airstair-style entry step, 


Additional Equipment

TAP Elite Advantage Blue engine program,
RVSM capable,
Dispatch ground power, 
Jeppesen electronic charts,
Voice annunciator,
Three frequency ELT,
Locking fuel caps


The CJ1+ is designed to be as easy to fly as possible.  Many of its systems are automatic, from de-icing to cabin pressurization.  Engine bleed air is used for anti-ice protection on the wing edge and engine, as well as rain removal on the windshield, cabin pressurization, and heating.  An automatic cycling system controls pneumatic de-ice boots for protection of the horizontal tail.  The benefit of having such simple operational requirements is that it this private jet can generally be operated by a single pilot, which provides excellent flexibility in flight operations.


Cessna Citation CJ1+ 525 For Sale 

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