Global 6000 For Sale

Bombardier Global 6000 For Sale. This aircraft is the most luxurious business jet built by Bombardier Aerospace. The Global 6000 is fitted with a vision flight deck which is designed for a completely new cockpit experience. The aircraft features on board maintenance system (OMS), a superior diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. It also features an integrated cursor control panel, a synthetic-enhanced vision system and paperless operation enabled by dual electronics charts. This is a large cabin, ultra long range business jet is the ultimate anywhere in the world with one stop aircraft. If you are looking to buy a Global 6000 this is a fantastic example. 


Business executives regard private aircraft charter as a flexible alternative to the stress of flying with scheduled airlines.

Global 6000 For Sale

Global 6000 For Sale 


Aircraft Total Time: 998 Hours

Rolls Royce Corporate Care


Private Register

One Owner - No Damage - 14 Passenger - Flexible Maintenance Program


Global 6000 For Sale

Engine Model – BR700-710A2-20 

•             Left Engine:        2,998 Hours

•             Right Engine:      2,998 Hours


General Information

•             Bombardier Vision Flight Deck

•             Electric Window Shades

•             Forward Crew &Aft Pax Lavatory


Forward Cabin

Four (4) Single Seats



Conference Group, seating

for four (4), opposite Two

(2) Single Seats


Aft Cabin:

A Three (3) place berthable divan (certified for two passenger take-off and landing), opposite two (2) single seats




•             Crew rest area with one (1) single seat

•             Forward and aft lavatories

•             Electric accordion window shades (60 Months Warranty Parts Only)

•             Three (3) magazine racks

•             Four (4) spring-assisted pull-up tables, when deployed are between the single seats

•             Mid-Cabin Electrical Hi-lo Conference Table with mechanical back-up

•             One (1) conference table plug-in extension

•             Double closet in Aft Lavatory

•             Lowboy cabinet

•             Iridium telephone system - Cradles at Seat #2 RH & #6LH, Masterseats

•             Passenger address system Global Office

•             Local area network

•             Off aircraft connectivity

•             Network security

•             Pressure sensitive mats in lavatory (one (1) in each lavatory) to activate the water supply to the lavatories.

•             Floor mat heaters, entrance area and forward cabin zones

•             One (1) universal power outlet 230v (15 amp) in forward and aft lavatories

•             Two (2) Ethernet dual disk blu-ray players, Ten speakers and four sub-woofers

•             Two (2) 24" LCD monitors and One (1) 10.6" touch screen LCD monitor (galley)

•             Airshow ASXi Interactive Flight Information System

•             Eleven (11) each receptacles for 10.6" touch screen plug-in monitor.



A breakthrough in business aviation, the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck 

The Bombardier Vision Flight Deck was developed to:

•             Minimize probability of human error

•             Provide VFR-like operations in IFR conditions

•             Enhance situational awareness

•             Reduce pilot workload and simplify operations

•             Flight Deck

•             Increase mission availability and completion rate


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