Agusta AW-139 For Sale - 2013

2013 - AW139 For Sale. This is a new generation medium twin-turbine helicopter setting new standards against which all medium twins are measured. Designed with inherent multi-role capability and flexibility of operation, the AW139 is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers at very high speed, in a most spacious and comfortable VIP cabin. The ample baggage compartment is accessible both from the cabin and externally. The AW139 provides the best power reserve of any helicopter in the medium twin-engine class. 


Our Helicopter sales team are dedicated to match the right private aircraft to your requirement.

Agusta AW-139 For Sale - 2013

 Agusta AW139 For Sale -2013

  This unit has under 900 hrs 

  Is the highest specification V-VIP machine on the market 

  Please contact us directly for price and specifications. 


  • Aluminium alloy fuselage
  • Acrylic windshields
  • Overhead cockpit windows
  • Lower cockpit windows
  • Cockpit ram air adjustable outlets
  • Forced fan ventilation
  • Bleed air heater and defroster with air noise suppressions
  • Heated Pitot tubes (2) with Pitot heat failure warning (2)
  • Heated static intakes (2)
  • One cockpit and one passenger cabin fire extinguisher
  • Pilot doors (2) with push-out emergency exit window (with "storm window" on pilot side)
  • Plug-in sliding doors (2) for passenger cabin access with four locking latches
  • Passenger doors stop in fully open position
  • Six cabin push-out emergency exit windows (two on each passenger cabin door)
  • Baggage compartment with two lockable baggage compartment doors (LH and RH)
  • Baggage compartment cargo tie-down fittings
  • Wheeled retractable tricycle landing gear (two wheels on nose gear and brakes on main landing gear)
  • Structural provisions for nose landing gear doors
  • Landing gear mooring
  • Upper deck mooring provisions
  • Hoisting and jacking fittings
  • Tail boom and vertical fin
  • Stabilizers with composite "winglets"
  • Pilot and co-pilot windshield wipers
  • Maintenance steps for access to upper deck on both sides
  • Upper deck cowlings (one front forward sliding, two side opening for engine access)
  • Steps for cockpit access
  • Anti-vibration masses (2) under cabin floor


  • Fully articulated Main Rotor (M/R) with five composite blades, five elastomeric bearings and five hydraulic dampers
  • Rotating M/R flight controls
  • Main rotor hub beanie
  • Main dual servo actuators (3)
  • Fully articulated Tail Rotor (T/R) with four composite blades, four elastomeric bearings and four elastomeric dampers
  • Rotating T/R flight controls
  • One T/R dual servo actuator  
  • Force trim system
  • Pilot fixed flight controls (cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals)
  • Co-pilot fixed flight controls (cyclic, collective, anti-torque pedals)
  • Dual digital 3-axis linear actuators
  • Rotor brake
  • Provision for main rotor tracking (magnetic pick-up)
  •  Rotor brake
  •  Provision for main rotor tracking (magnetic pick-up)


  • Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshafft engines
  • Two independent FADEC systems with autostart and engine control functions for normal, emergency and training operations
  • Two magnetic chip detectors
  • Two integrated and independent engine oil coolers
  • Separation firewall protection for each engine
  • Fire detection system
  • Fire extinguisher system (2 bottles)
  • Steel engine exhausts and ejectors
  • Two independent crashworthy fuel cells
  • Two supply pumps on engines
  • Two submerged booster pumps in fuel tank
  • Two fuel filter assemblies
  • Two engine back-up controls, mechanical and electrical
  • Two manual engine start and ignition systems



  • Main transmission with two direct drive engine inputs
  • Three main transmission chip detectors/debris collectors with burning capability
  • Two freewheel units
  • Four strut rods for upper deck attachment and one anti-torque plate
  • Intermediate gearbox with sight gauge and magnetic drain plug/chip detector
  • Tail gearbox with sight gauge and magnetic drain plug/chip detector
  • Dual independent, redundant hydraulic systems
  • Two hydraulic Power Control Modules (PCM)
  • Three main transmission driven hydraulic mechanical pumps for controls, landing gear and wheel brake actuation
  • One electrical pump for control checks on ground (engines off)
  • Air conditioning compressor quill







  • DC primary power generation: 28 V DC regulated voltage provided by two independent 300 A starter generators
  • DC external power receptacle
  • Two nickel-cadmium batteries: one 44 Ah main battery plus one 13 Ah auxiliary battery
  • DC starter generator control units (2)
  • Navigation lights (3)    
  • Anticollision light
  • External emergency landing lights on the sponsons (2)
  • Fixed landlng/taxing lights on the sponsons (2)
  • Retractable/rotating landing light
  • Baggage compartment lights (3) and smoke sensor



  • 1st PFD (Pilot Primary Flight Display 8" x 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honeywell Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data
  • 2nd PFD (Co-pilot Primary Flight Display 8" x 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honeywell Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data
  • 1st MFD (Pilot Multifunction Display 8" * 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honeywell Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data
  • 2nd MFD (Co-pilot Multifunction Display 8" * 10" colour Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) as part of Honeywell Primus Epic System for visualization of flight and navigation data
  • One Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS) (attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, compass, and ILS data)
  • Two Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • Two Air Data Modules (ADM)
  • Two flux valves
  • Two Display Controllers (DC)
  • Two Cursor Control Devices (CCD)
  • One Reversion Control Panel (RCP)
  • One Display Dimming Control Panel (DCP)
  • One Stability Augmentation System (SAS) control panel
  • Two Remote Instrument Controllers (RIC)
  • Two Modular Avionic Units (MAU) incorporating the following major subsystems and/or functions:
  • Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) dual
  • Monitor Warning System (MWS) dual
  • Aural Warning Generator (AWG) single
  • Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) single
  • 4-axis dual Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS) Basic
  • Provision for CVR/FDR data interface (single)
  • Flight Director System (dual)
    • Pilot and co-pilot headset
    • Pilot and co-pilot interphone control (cyclic grip and floor switches)
    • Left Modular Radio Cabinet (MRC) wilh the following modules:
  • One VHF Comm.
    • Right Modular Radio Cabinet (MRC) with the following modules:
  •           One VHF Comm.
  •           One Mode S diversity transponder VOR/LOC/GS/MB
  •           One ADF
  •           One DME
    • Two pedestal mounted Multi Control Function Display Units (MCDU)
    • 1st radar altimeter RT-300
    • 2nd radar altimeter RT-300
    • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
    • One flight guidance controller
    • Honeywell GPS module with Flight Plan Management System (FPMS)
    • Pilot and co-pilot digital audio panels with remote ICS audio port for ground operation
    • Pilot clock (digital)
    • Co-pilot clock (digital)
    • One magnetic compass
    • One outside air temperature indicator
    • Two Master Warning Lights (MWL)
    • Two Master Caution Lights (MCL)
    • Engine 1 fire light
    • Engine 2 fire light
    • Baggage compartment smoke detector light
    • Dual electrical power connection for CVR/FDR (FAA requirement compliant)
    • Cockpit Voice Recorder & Flight Data Recorder (CVR/FDR) with underwater Locator Beacon (ULB)
  • Pilot and co-pilot crashworthy seats (with inertial reels and safety belts)
  • Cockpit dome/storm light
  • Cockpit utility lights (2)
  • 28V DC cockpit cabin power outlet
  • Cockpit panel sun-glare shields
  • Overhead cockpit windows sun shades
  • Fluorescent lighted emergency exit signs
  • Cockpit map and data case in central console
  • Two flash lights for pilot and co-pilot
  • Map and data cases in pilot and co-pilot doors
  • Air ventilation system
  • First aid kit


  • Air Conditioning
  • Customized painting scheme, metallic colours from Company selection
  • Pilot/co-pilot adjustable seats (4G) in lieu of standard seats
  • Sheep cover for pilot/co-pilot seats
  • Co-pilot hinged window (storm window)
  • Pilot and co-pilot glass windshield
  • Pilot and co-pilot headsets Bose ANR (in lieu of standard headset),
  • Pilot headset hooks (Qty 2)
  • Approach plates chart holders with lights for pilot and co-pilot
  • 4-axis DAFCS (Digital Automatic Flight Control System) Enhanced with Hover Mode (HOV)
  • Auxiliary heavy duty battery 27 Ah (in lieu of 13 Ah)
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) provision
  •  Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) removable
  • GPS 2nd unit (installation)
  • TCAS I KTA-970 Honeywell Bendix/King provision
  • TCAS I KTA-970 Honeywell Bendix/King removable
  • Weather Radar Primus 660 Honeywell provision
  •  Weather Radar Primus 660 Honeywell installation
  • Camera on the tail fin
  • Emergency floats provisions    
  • Engine air particle separators provision
  • Secondary swivelling landing light - in lieu of taxi/landing light on the sponsons (2)
  • Auxiliary transversal fuel tanks 132 USgal provision
  • Auxiliary transversal fuel tanks 132 USgal removable
  • EVS (Enhanced Vision System) EVS-1500 Max Viz (dual field of view and image processing/*** ) Under Fuselage
  • Maritime protection
  • Increased gross weight 6,800 Kg










•     3 armchairs leather covered forward-looking (with inertial reels and safety belt, sliding inflight direction, reclining backrest), with the middle armchair foldable     forward and the 2 lateral armchairs with foldable table

•     Comfortable seat leather covered (Qty 4) (with safety belts, storage       compartment under the seats and under-seat skirts)

•     3 seats removable leather covered armrests

•     2 lateral covered armrests cabinets with metal cup holder, ICS control and           multipurpose holder

•     Multipurpose Cubby with 3 sliding doors

•     Separation wall leather and leatherette covered with manual sliding window and roll up curtain on pilot side

•     Passenger cabin sliding doors with liners leather/leathered covered with PSU

•     Super Silent soundproofing

•     Electrically operated pax steps (RH and LH) (in lieu of Fixed passenger steps)

•     Nose landing gear doors

•     Customized VIP cabin finishing

•     Decoration trim

•     Passenger carpet (high thickness)

•     Environmental Control System (with control panel in passenger cabin -1      FEEL control panel on armrests)

•     P.A. (Passenger Address) system (including loudspeakers and safety belts l ights)

•     ICS in the cabin for all passengers

•     Passenger cabin thermo acoustic double layer tinted windows (colour to be selected)

•     Ripple dampers

•     Active Vibration Control System   (AVCS) complete installation

•     MGB Premium grade

•     Mast Vibration Absorber 

•     Cyclic and collective leather gators (same colour as cabin interior)

•     2 metal finished cabin vertical handles on doorposts

•     Alternate current power outlet (Qty 3)

•     Coat hooks (Qty 4)

•     One ICS phone in the cabin for communicating with pilots located inside the     rear left armrest cabinet

•     2 additional comfortable seats leather covered with safety belts


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